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Validate your facial skin age at critical spots on your face

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Touch and rub the two critical spots on your face successively with index and middle fingers, respectively. Transfer the skin DNA to the sample collection card and mail it back to our lab in a postage prepaid envelope.



Our test will determine the two skin ages from the facial DNAs on your sample collection card.



We will post your skin ages via private webpage for your review. After viewing your first skin age, you will be asked if the epiAGE skin age is consistent with your own sense. If your answer is negative, we will refund your lab service fee unconditionally.*


Two-facial-spot Skin Age Test

(lab fee: $30 and S&H: $22): Provide facial skin DNA ages for two critical facial spots based on age-specific epigenetic variation found in keratin 19 sequence.

Facial Skin Aging Analysis

(Lab fee: $78 and S&H: $22): Provide two facial skin ages and two skin aging rates based on keratin 19 DNA age and IGF1 DNA age from the facial and finger skin DNAs, respectively.



ep•i•ge•net•ics (/epəjəˈnediks/)
Epigenetics literally means "above" or "on top of" genetics. It refers to external modifications to DNA that turn genes "on" or "off." These modifications do not change the DNA sequence, but instead, they affect how cells read genes.


Epigenetic signatures are found in aging linked genes across tissues and different cell types. However, an accurate and reliable epigenetic-aging clock has yet to be discovered. As a potential biomarker for human aging, keratin 19 (k19) is expressed markedly in putative skin stem cell which can be characterized by slow cycling in vivo and progressive decreasing in number from newborn to adult.

We thus isolated the age-specific k19 epigenetic variants from cell-free DNA, spanning the entire human developmental phase. These variants are degenerated at a constant aging rate and can be normalized to age 0 postpartum, defining a full set of high-resolution DNA aging probes. These k19 probe set can be used to differentiate age-related degeneration of the k19 sequence in the skin surface DNA as shown in the age-specific qPCR analysis of an 11 and 12 year-old DNAs after random apurinic crossover hybridization under room temperature.

Age-specific qPCR analysis of an 11 and 12 year-old DNAs


  1. SUBSCRIBE: Order the service online and receive the sample collection card by mail.
  2. READ: Read completely the accompanying instruction manual in order to fully understand the sample collection procedures.
  3. SAMPLE COLLECTION: Locate the two critical spots on your face and clean both your facial skin and fingers thoroughly. Open the pouch of the sample card and get ready for the sampling. Touch the A spot with your index finger and gently rub for 10 seconds. Transfer the DNA on the index finger to the sample collection card. Repeat the procedure using your middle finger for the B spot. Place the card in the protective envelope.
  4. MAIL: Return the sample card back to our lab in a postage prepaid envelope.
  5. RESULTS: Within 5 days after your sample is received, you will be notified by email to review your facial skin ages online.


Ingenuity to skincare for sophisticated women is no trivial matter, but that is exactly what co-founders Dr. CN Wang, Dr. Bing Ling and Dr. Shaw Lin set out to do. Today, we are proud to announce epiAGE service, a matching set of facial skin age DNA tests catered to educated women and men in the world. Our scientific mind demands the highest quality standard and obliges us to deliver only the genuine biological skin age based on the real-time epigenetic aging clock.

Since beauty is intimately associated with age, thus reverse aging is the ultimate goal for beauty concerns. However, in the absence of an objective measure, this is merely a scientific speculation. To halt the biological senescence process, we need an accurate predictor for skin age. After years of extensive research in epigenetic aging process, we are now ready to bring to you the best-in-class facial skin age test service. From subscription to presentation, we use a total-concurrence subscription model in an attempt to gain your trust in our service and, most importantly, in order for you to regain your beauty with full confidence in your skin age.

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* The lab fee for each test will be refunded if the customer is not satisfied with our test result. Customer satisfaction is subject to a two-step process of result review and concurrence which will be clearly explained prior to the purchase of our services to each customer with his/her full acknowledgment and consent. Shipping and handling fee will not be refunded.

** This complimentary Skin DNA Age test offer is for residents of USA except for the states of New York and Maryland. Cost is $22 for the two-way shipping and handling fee only and it is not refundable. Lab fee is waived. For the first 1,000 eligible participants only. No shipping and handling fee will be collected till when the company informs the participant by email that the service is ready. The sample collection card will be mailed to the participant no later than 7 working days after the company receives payment from a participant.